Thursday, January 17, 2008

Global Forex Trading: A Trading Dream

The global forex trading market never rests. No matter where you are in the world, in brightest noon of darkest night, you can go online and make engage in some global Forex trading. In this, the global Forex trading market is unique. Business hours are always in effect somewhere in the world; government and bank employees are always active somewhere in the world, and the currency markets need to be in operation to facilitate global commerce. While the currency markets are keeping global commerce from collapsing, global Forex traders take a chance that they can capitalize on the fluctuating exchange rates between the currencies of two countries. Global Forex trading is a process in which a dealer buys and sells currencies with the expectation of profiting if the exchange rates fluctuate favorably. Dealers may base their buying and selling decisions on a variety of factors, including international business dealings. They usually trade the fluctuations between more common currency pairings, like the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, or the Euro against the US dollar. The Global Forex Trading Day The global Forex trading day begins down under, in Sydney, Australia, and moves across the time zones as the great commercial cities of the world open for business. Because the world’s political and economic climate changes on a minute-to-minute basis, Forex traders can buy or sell different currency pairs based on how they read those changes. The underlying reason for the existence of global Forex trading is to promote international investment and commerce. Global Forex trading, in fact, has supplanted stock trading as the strongest area of financial transactions; it is the most active financial market on the globe. Global Forex trading in exceeds 1.9 trillion US dollars on a daily basis, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year. The total amount of all the stock and bond transactions in the world on a single day is less that one-third of that. The thirty billion dollars which flows through the New York Stock Exchange is a mere drop in the Global Forex trading bucket. And the enormous liquidity of the global Forex trading market, when combined with the low margin requirements offered by most Forex brokers, mean that most trades are filled almost instantaneously, with very small transaction fees. Global Forex Trading Patterns Traders who are accustomed to trading stocks based on technical analysis are amazed at the easily recognizable patterns of the global currency market; almost every form of technical analysis is applicable to global Forex trading. Some currency trading patterns will continue for months or even years, depending on the amounts of pressure being applied by political and economic powers around the world. Even hedge funds and major financial institutions are capable of influencing the currency exchange rates. Global Forex trading, with its liquidity, leverage, and constant fluctuation, provides a trading vehicle unlike any other in the world. You can also find more info on Global Forex Trading and Learn Forex . is a comprehensive resource to know about e-Forex Trading System.

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