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Best Forex Brokers - A Perfect Way For Novice Traders to Learn

If you are looking at the best forex brokers the best way to learn is NOT a demo account. Sure a demo account shows you the mechanics of how to trade - but it doesn t give you the real feeling of dealing with money. I came across this service that solves the problem. It s called a protected account and is designed for those traders who want to trade with a small amount and get the feel of trading. These accounts offer unlimited trading in a set period and the difference with these accounts is: It doesn t matter if you go debit you still trade. It is only at the end of the set period (normally a few weeks) that the profit or loss is calculated so the client gets any profits and the broker takes any losses. This is different to a guaranteed stop - because once that s hit and your trading capital is gone, you re out - with this account and you continue trading even if you re in debit. So for a small risk you get a real trading experience, get to do a lot of trades to test your skills and you know your risk in advance. You know it s only at the end of the period you stop trading. I like this idea and think it s a good one for novice s forex traders. I see countless traders who think that because they have won with a demo account and made money with their trading signals that they will win in the real world, with money on the line. Nothing could be further from the truth. When money is on the line emotions kick into play and it s a whole new ballgame. It s a bit like taking penalty kicks in your garden. They are all completed successfully with no problem but try and do it with 100,000 people watching you and the game depends on the kick being successful and it s a different matter! Some traders can handle the emotional side of trading and others cant - its as simple as that. You won t know if you can Handle your emotions until you try! These forex accounts look set to soar in popularity as they act as a bridge between a demo trading account and a full trading account and allow you to test your forex trading system in real conditions, risking real money albeit a small test amount. It s a fact that anyone can learn to trade forex and enjoy currency trading success but it s also a fact that 95% of traders lose. Most traders lose, not because they don t have good methods but because they cannot execute their methods with discipline, when money is on the line and this is the advantage of these accounts. There are a whole host of inputs that make a best forex broker but this service certainly gets my vote as one of the services that can really help novice traders and you should consider them as part of your overall forex education. MORE ON PROTECTED ACCOUNTS AND BEST BROKER SERVICES + FREE ESSENTIAL TRADING GUIDES For more on Protected Limited Risk Forex Accounts and some essential trading guides visit our website at:

3 Reasons Why Forex Trading is Better than Stocks or Futures

Low Account Start Up And Maintenance Account Balance Forex trading allows traders to start with a smaller trading capital than in any other markets. In fact, there is one forex trading platform which has only a $50 minimum account size (you can find their link at the bottom of the page). Another nice feature is that they have no minimum trade size. That type of flexibility opens the door to practically anyone who wants to check out forex trading. This isn t to say that all brokers are that flexible. Perpetual Motion What is really nice in forex trading is that there s always something moving. There are a bunch of primary currencies interacting, each of which is constantly interfacing with all of the others. The other markets certainly cannot make this boast. Trade on Your Schedule The stock market is available for a little over 6 hours a day and that is it but the forex trading market is running 24 hours a day. How is that for convenient? As a trader you can wake up at 3:00a.m and make a trade or when you get back from the movies, etc.. This opens up the market to people that otherwise would not have the time to do so. The market is never really closed, it is very convenient. I mentioned a forex trading platform that is very reasonable and extremely efficient. in fact it is the best in the business. If you would like to check it out click on the link below. The best forex trading platform on the market. Open an account with as little as $50, real time quotes, no hidden costs, competitive spreads, and no software or downloads required. Blake Rice is a professional trader that has been involved in the markets for many years.

Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate

Forecasting what the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate would be is not as simple it may look. There are a lot of variables to look out for, the economy, government, news and environmental factors contribute to what the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate would be for the day. It is govern by supply and demand. When one is in this field of buying or selling dollars, be an importer, exporter, traveller or a currency changer, they will do have a hunch on what the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate be. The trend most of the time for the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate to go down is during June and December. Most Oversea Workers send a lot of remittances to the Philippines during June for enrollment and specially on December, Christmas holidays. A slight increase in the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate on the months of January and September where importers pays out goods purchased. Decades ago, the Banko Central ng Pilipinas controlled the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate to a fix twenty six pesos P26 to a dollar. Today, the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate is governed by the supply and Demand of it. Since 2004, Peso has been gaining and appreciating from the dollar. From a high of Fifty six pesos P56 on the year 2004, it has come around to Forty four P44 now, October 2007. The Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate has not really been going down each day, there are also times when bad government news affected a slight increase on the Philippine Peso. But because of good economic performance Peso has been gaining stronger. The Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate has also been strengthening because of the poor economic update on the United States. United States has been in economic crisis which has also have a strong effect on the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate. Economist has predicted for Peso to strengthen up to Forty Pesos P40 this coming Christmas holiday where Remittances would be fast coming in the Philippines. Oversea Workers mostly send remittance during this season. But the Oversea Workers and Exporters has been complaining of the sudden downfall of the Philippine Peso Dollar Exchange Rate. Oversea workers should be remitting more to cope up with the exchange rate, thus working more hours or having lesser savings. Exporters have also been complaining on the low exchange rate, their dollar earned when converted is much lesser now a days. There are a lot of exporters who have closed down due to their crisis right now. On the contrary, there are a lot of happy importers, and dollar spenders. They can buy goods much cheaper with the Philippine Peso Exchange Rate going down. It may not be easy on how to predict what Philippine Peso Exchange Rate would be, but hope it has given you a few insights and tips on it.

Forex Trading - A Simple Method To Target 100% Gains

Here we will look at a simple method anyone can understand and use and a potential opportunity shaping up right now that could yield big gains with low risk for any forex trader. Let s discuss this forex trading method and give you an example, shaping up right now. The method is really common sense and easy to understand and is based on this equation. This article is being written on Thursday November 1st. Fundamentals + Investor Perception = Price. It s a fact that currency markets move in line with the fundamentals but it s not as simple as just looking at the news - in fact if you try and do this you will lose. The reason for this is the markets are a discounting mechanism. News is discounted in a split second in today s world of instant communications furthermore; humans have to decide what the facts mean and their not logical or sensible! They are influenced by greed and fear and a host of other inputs. Prices Have Gone to Far a Turn Coming The fact is throughout history humans spike prices away from fair value when greed and fear take hold and then prices return back to fair value. If you look at news and its influence on price and then use forex charts to spot prices being pushed to far from fair value, you can get some great contrary trades - now let s look at a specific example. If you have read my previous articles you will have seen how bullish I have been of the commodity currencies and with the Aussie and Canadian dollar making new multi decade highs we have cleared 1,000 pips - that s right, a 1,000 so, not a minor profit! You can see the reasons we used in our other articles. The above was not doing anything complicated just following the long term trend but now if you look at the news - the bullish news has pushed prices too far - here s why. Yesterday we had FOMC and they cut rates by 0.25% - this was expected and discounted but there was some bullish news the market ignored. First, the Fed tempered the view that they would cut rates further but the most interesting bit of news was.. The economy expanded by 3.9%, versus calls for 3.0% GDP growth and up slightly from the previous quarter at 3.8%. This is the strongest growth since Q1 2006. The short Term Bearish Scenario Is Peaking. Of course, this doesn t mean that the dollar is "out of the woods" long term - but short term the market bearish news has peaked. Many investors were looking at 3.0% in terms of GDP and 0.5% in rates so we could see a turn. Non farm payroll on Friday could be it at expected levels or better and the dollar could rally. The market has pushed to far from fair value and the fundamentals and a short covering rally could be on the cards. There are a huge number of speculators long, making money and the market will flush them - it s just a question of when. Watch The Following: Let s take the Canadian dollar as an example. Were long but we can see the warning signs that it could turn and there is also another factor with this currency - Crude oil. Crude has made a huge rise and many are talking of $100 a barrel maybe we will get one but only as a spike. Fact is there is no shortage of oil, this spike is pure emotional trading and a retreat to the $80.00 level could come any day and longer term $60 - 70, looks fair value. With the Canadian dollar were looking closely at oil for a top which should add weight to the fall as Canada is a major exporter. What are the charts saying? Pull up a daily chart of the Canadian Dollar and you see new highs and no warning signs of a top - but pull up a monthly or weekly chart and you will see the "wood from the trees", a spike that needs to correct. When will it come? No one knows but the odds are the daily chart will show signs in the next few days on the Canada and a low risk high reward correction will occur. There an old saying... "If you can hold your head when others are losing theirs you probably haven t hear the news" In this instance it is simply you have heard the news - but you are stepping back from the majority view, getting your forex charts out and seeing the reality - a profit opportunity. Watch action after non farm payroll and see what happens - don t jump to soon, prices will tell you what to do. Good luck and good trading! PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADING COURSE AND FREE ESSENTIAL INFO For free 2 x trading Pdf s with 90 of pages of essential info and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at:

Forex Signal - Your Key To Fortune

There is only one reason why you would consider a career in foreign exchange trading and that is the potential to earn a fortune. The Forex market, although considered to be high risk, is considered to be very liquid, therefore providing many individuals with more room to move. Basically, you will be buying and selling a currency pair such as USD/GBP or USD/JPY. When considering Forex trading, you should seriously consider Forex trading signals to ensure a bigger chance of gaining profit. Forex trading signals are very important if you want to be updated instantly with the latest movement in the foreign exchange market. Time is of the essence in Forex trading and you could either gain or lose a considerable sum if you are late in reacting to these changes. If you are looking for a Forex signal provider, it would be smart to consider Forex Online Signals. As a provider of Forex trading signals, Forex Online Signals employs the system of one Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Unlike the Multi-targeted Strategy, traders are allowed to use any trading platform. This means that profits are generated for real and not just hypothetically. If you subscribe to Forex Online Signals, you can choose from different packages that include mail and SMS notification, excellent customer support, personal performance tracker, access to six currency pairs, flexible schedule and free credit back options. You will only have to pay a one-time set up to enjoy all these. Compared to other providers, you can benefit from: • Pay per Signal scheme • Free credit if you received LOSS Signal • Instant Notification • Absolutely No Multi-Level Target Strategies • Instant Trading History • Compatible with all types of FOREX platform • Simple and quick sign up Process Forex trading signals are known to rely on several indicators that display current market trend. Since we are talking about trillions of money in all types of currency, slight changes could easily amount to a considerable sum of money. This is the reasons why traders invest in Forex trading signals and other tools that could help them decide whether or not it is the ideal time to unload or purchase currency. With the advances in technology, it is easy to get started with Forex trading. It does not even matter where you are located since the Forex market is not centralized anywhere. You can be in the far regions of Asia and still be able to trade currencies. Of course, you will need a reliable and speedy internet connection, a trading company and a Forex trading account. You are all set! The good news is having a dependable Forex trading signal provider will help you calculate the risks involved in currency trading. Take note that you should only trade money that you can afford to lose. It would not be wise or practical to invest all your money, disregarding all potential risks that are dictated by so many market factors. Forex Signals from the leading Forex alert provider. Forex trading signals to your email mobile phone via sms.

Forex Trading - 10 Myths That Will See You Lose

The statistics are 95% of traders lose money and here you will find the 10 biggest myths of forex trading believe any of them and you will lose to - so here they are... 1. Forex Prices can be Predicted You will see lots of people who claim you should predict to win but that s simply hoping or guessing. The way to win in forex trading is to make sure you act on confirmation of momentum - combined with support and resistance. 2. Prices move to a Scientific Theory Leads on from the above and the devotees of Gann, Elliot and Fibonacci perpetrate this myth. Human nature is constant so price patterns repeat - yes they do, but not to a scientific theory. Forex trading is an odds game not a game of certainties. If prices did move to a scientific theory we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market! 3. Day Trading works You see them all the time scalp pips regularly and trade your way to a fortune - bad news is it doesn t work. Data in short term time frames is unreliable and support and resistance is meaningless - you may as well flip a coin. 4. Complicated Forex Trading Systems Work Better than Simple Ones No they don t - simple systems work best as they are more robust in the face of ever changing market conditions. If you add to many variables in you will have to many elements to break. All the best trading currency trading systems are simple and yours should be to 5. The More I Trade The More Likely I am To Win Not true at all. Trading is an odds game and you should only execute a trading signal when they favour you and that s not often. You get paid for being right not how many trades you make. 6. I can Learn From Losses Yes you can - you got it wrong! This is nonsense, if you have a robust logical trading system then it will lose that s part of trading life you don t need to dwell on it. 7. The More Knowledge I Acquire The Better In forex trading you doesn t get paid for effort you get paid for being right - Once you have a system that s it you don t need to do anymore - just trade it. 8. I trade News Stories and Get Expert Opinion That wont help you - news is discounted instantly and you also cannot tell how humans will perceive the news so it s pointless trying. Will Rogers once famously said "I only believe what I read in the papers" He was joking but loads of traders continue to trade in this way and lose. 9. Buying Low selling High is a Great Way to Make Money If you believe this you will lose it involves prediction! Most market big market trends start from new market highs NOT market lows, so you need to learn to buy breakouts. 10 I bought an e-book from a vendor I will Follow him You can and there are some good ones about but most are junk and sold by people who have never traded with meaningless simulations ad hypothetical trading records. Another problem is that to follow a system, you must understand the logic of it to have the confidence in it, to follow it with discipline. Finally! - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Here is the question that separates the pros from the losers. They can all answer it can you? My trading edge is (defined) A trading edge is what separates you from the losing herd. If you don t know what it is and why it will make you win - you don t have one! You need to continue with your forex education until you have one. PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADING COURSE AND FREE ESSENTIAL INFO For free 2 x trading Pdf s with 90 of pages of essential info and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at:

Forex Training- How To Use A Mini Account For Maximum Effect

For the absolute beginner, Forex training can take some years. During this time many novice traders stay with a free demo account from an online broker determined to make consistent profits in the demo account before going live with hard earned cash. That approach is certainly cautious and wise. At some point however, it can be advantageous to switch to a mini account, to speed up the learning curve. Why Switch From Demo To Mini The reason is this: No matter how disciplined you are and no matter how seriously you treat a demo account constantly trying to imagine you are trading with real money, a demo account is still a demo account! That has a huge psychological overhead whether you care to admit it or not. Once you start trading with real money you will realize how different the real world is! But how can you minimize the cost of Forex training and be reasonable in how much you spend on your education? Enter the mini account! With a pip valued at a dollar or less, and with a minimum opening balance of around 250 to 300 dollars, you can continue your Forex training with low risk. Notice that expression continue your Forex training. Yes, a mini account is still a practice account. That is a good way to view it. What if you open one for 250 dollars and a couple of months later it s exceeded the margin call (blown in other words)? Then your Forex education has just cost you a little less than 250 dollars (taking into account the small remaining balance). Obviously you wouldn t want to do this many times. It could be after blowing a mini account you decide to go back again for a couple of weeks to the demo and fine tune your strategy. Then when you feel confident again, fund your mini with another one or two hundred dollars. Some may object and think this is a waste. Putting it in perspective, the cost is very small. After all, it s the cost of your Forex training education. Some persons spend thousands of dollars for a couple of days in a seminar and think nothing of it. One new trader I heard talking to another was asked how much he put in his first account. His reply? $15,000 . It was gone in a couple of months. A cautious, one step at a time, $100 at a time approach will be far less stressful on both the nerves and the pocket unless you ve got money to throw at the wall. How To Maximize The Mini Account Now once you have traded successfully in a mini account, bringing the balance up, perhaps doubling or tripling your initial starting balance, you can now really start to maximize the benefits of a mini account. How? While strict risk management is crucial, and somewhere between 1 to 2% of your equity should be the maximum risk on any one trade, some Forex training educators suggest making that more like 5 to 10 % when you only have a few hundred in your mini account. This will allow you to start trading in multiple lots. For example, suppose you build your mini account to $600 and then start to trade with 2 lots. You then set a conservative profit target for the first lot, and a more ambitious profit target for the second lot. As you take your first profit you move your stop up to protect the second lot so you are at least in a can t lose trade from there on. If the balance drops below $600 then go back to trading one lot until you pass the threshold again. Once you start trading multiple lots in a mini account using this safety net strategy, your account will begin to grow slowly and steadily. At some future time, perhaps once you have reached a couple of thousand dollars in your account, you may wish to then implement more stringent risk management principles and go to 1 to 2% of your equity on any one trade. In Conclusion This approach may not be appreciated by everyone. It depends on your nature and character. For me, it has helped greatly. To really start moving forward in your Forex training it is necessary to move from a demo to a mini account at the right time. At the same time it is necessary to get over the fear of trading live. View the mini account as a Forex training account, fund it very conservatively, switch back to a demo when you feel the need, and aim for raising your balance so you have enough equity to start trading multiple lots. In this way you can maximize a mini account so it really drives your Forex training to completion. To learn how to preserve your mental and emotional resources in addition to your account equity click here: If you are looking for a comprehensive Forex education with mentoring from professionals check this: For the best free economic calendars plus a free pivot point calculator and Fibonacci calculator click here:

Forex Online Software Trading - Forex Glossary

If you came looking for help with improving your Forex Online Software Trading then you will find it here. I hope the following Forex Glossary (A-E) helps. If you would like to get a a great trading platform that can save you a lot of money click on the link at the bottom of the page. ABA - a digital code used by the American Bankers Association to define a bank. Base Currency - The currency which other currencies are quoted against. Basis Point - One hundredth of one percentage point. A change from 5.25% to 5.75% is said to be a 50 basis point move. See Point for currency moves. Bid - The price that a buyer is willing to pay to purchase a given currency and sell another at a particular time. Central Bank - A Government institution in control of the nation s monetary policy and the printing of that nation s currency. Consumer Price Index (CPI) - A measure of the average amount (price) paid for a market basket of goods and services by a typical U.S. consumer in comparison to the average paid for the same basket in an earlier base year. Cross Rates - The exchange rate between two currencies expressed as the ratio of two foreign exchange rates that are both expressed in terms of a third currency. Foreign exchange rate between two currencies other than the U.S. dollar, the currency in which most exchanges are usually quoted. Currency - means money denominated in the lawful currency of a country. Current Account - A category in the balance of payments account that includes all transactions that either contribute to national income or involve the spending of national income. Forex Online Software Trading: Forex Glossary Day Trading - refers to opening and closing the same position(s) before the close of that day s trading. Associated with speculative trading. Deficit Spending - A term which refers to the situation wherein he government spends more than it receives in taxes. Discount Rate - The interest a private bank pays for a loan from the US Federal Reserve System. Draft - click here EMS - European Monetary System Euro - The currency of the European Monetary Union (EMU). This is the amalgamation of the following currencies, after Jan. 1, 2002 these currencies will be considered legacy currencies. Germany Deutsche Marks, Italy Lira, Austria Schillings, France Franc, Belgium Francs, Netherlands (Dutch) Guilders, Finland Markka, Portugal Escudo, Greece Drachmas, Ireland Punt, Luxembourg Francs, Spanish Pesetas. If you are looking for a way to make consistent profits through a proven forex program then you have come to the right place: Howard Teel is an experienced Trading Manager that has been involved in the markets for many years. He has been the President of two online trading firms.

Forex Trading Style - Trendlines Versus Horizontal Lines

In developing a personal Forex trading style it is likely a trader will experiment with numerous technical indicators over time but eventually end up with just a handful of favorites which are used on a daily basis. The use of trendlines is taught in just about every training course out there and popular opinion seems to suggest they should take a reasonably prominent place in any successful Forex trading style. This article begs to differ. Yes, trendlines can be useful but in my opinion they are superseded by horizontal lines. What is the difference? Trendlines are simply lines drawn across the lows of bars or candles in an uptrend, or lines drawn across the highs of bars or candles in a downtrend. One Forex trading style may use the Tom DeMark method of drawing trendlines which gets very specific by joining the most recent low with the previous lower low (looking left on the chart) and then extending the line forward (looking right on the chart) for an uptrend. For a downtrend join the most recent high with the previous higher high (looking left on the chart) and then extending the line forward (looking right on the chart). These trendlines then give indications of a breakout once they are broken. Horizontal lines are simply lines drawn across highs and lows on a chart marking support and resistance. Why are horizontal lines superior? The ideal Forex trading style is simple and easy to use and it helps if the charts we are studying are clear and reasonably uncluttered. Drawing numerous trendlines can obscure what is really happening with price action. True, some traders just draw trendlines across main highs and lows and ignore the mini swings. Nevertheless, trendlines have to be constantly re-drawn and updated as price action continues. On the other hand, just putting in a horizontal line on key levels of support and resistance is simple and easy to see. They have great significance on the higher time frames, especially the 4 hour or the daily charts. Of particular value is marking the previous day s high and low and watching price action around those levels. It is possible to catch 10 to 20 pips often as price tests the previous day s high or low and pulls back. Of course, the probability of a successful trade becomes higher if the previous day s high or low also coincides with other factors such as a Fibonacci level or pivot point. Why are horizontal lines probably more significant than trendlines? When developing your Forex trading style it is very important to look beyond candles. Trading is much more than that. The successful trader understands what is going on behind the scenes. Candles and price action is simply an outward manifestation of what is happening across the desks of thousands of traders across the globe who deal with billions of dollars worth of flows and orders. A previous high or low in price action, especially on the higher time frame, means that the bulls or the bears won the battle in that trading session. If a number of traders committed a large amount of equity to a currency at a certain price, then obviously that price point is going to be fiercely defended in the future by those traders. So horizontal lines drawn across levels of support and resistance mark very real points at which we can expect a reaction from price. Trendlines on the other hand tend to be more speculative in my opinion. Watch price reaction at horizontal lines of support and resistance as opposed to trendlines and you will notice that price respects key levels of support and resistance more often than trendline levels. Should trendlines be included in your Forex trading style? That is an individual matter. They can certainly be helpful in offering confirmation of a trade after taking into consideration other factors. But to trade on trendlines alone can be very risky. On the other hand, it is possible to trade almost entirely on what support and resistance tell you at certain times when key levels are being tested. Generally though, a successful Forex trading style will combine a number of factors. My favorites in order of importance are: Support and Resistance levels on the higher time frames Fibonacci retracement and extension levels Pivot points Candle patterns 200 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) If you are in the process of developing your own Forex trading style you may arrive at a different priority list. Why not experiment with horizontal support and resistance lines and trendlines and decide for yourself which gives the most reliable indication of price movement? Learn how the MACD indicator can help you avoid much anxiety: Do you know the important lesson Mohammed Ali teaches us about Forex trading? Read it here: For the best free economic calendars plus a free pivot point calculator and Fibonacci calculator click here:

Are Your Stops Being Hunted In Forex? Don t Let This Happen To You!

Are Your Stops Being Hunted In Forex? Don t Let This Happen To You! A stop in trading is one of the most important things you will ever use, not only does it protect your account if a trade goes against you it also defines the risk you are willing to take on a given trade. Many traders will not give the placement of a stop any thought at all, they see it merely as a last resort, if all else fails my stop will be hit attitude. Stop hunting is what you will fall victim to time and time again if you do not think about where you are placing your stops. Try not to place them too tight, think outside the box and place them where you are sure if price goes the trade will no longer be valid at all. False breakouts are one of the most common trades that take out stops, in this case I always try to trade the retrace of the breakout as appose to the first breakout which reduces you stop dramatically and you can be sure that if price falls back inside the support/resistance line that was broken the trade is no longer valid. To give you an idea of the stop size I use, I trade 3 main systems which use s 5 minute, 4hour and daily charts stops on the 5 min charts are for scalping so they are very small at 5 pips spread. Stops on the 4 hour charts are generally around 50 pips and on the daily charts stops are around 100 pips. My stops give me room to make a mistake which is very important in the forex market, if I misjudge my entry by 20 pips I am fine because my stop is still way back behind the closest support/resistance. It is always a good idea to try to keep your stops a good distance away from price and give the trade breathing room this ensures that the swings will not take you out, there is nothing more irritating than being taken out of a position only to have it move hundreds of pips into your favour afterwards. If you are ever unsure where you stop should be use this little trick that has helped me in the past, choose a place you would normally put your stop. Now move it further back to the next best support/resistance, you see the first place you choose is most likely where 90% of traders have placed there stops, large institutions will be targeting these areas to trigger positions in the market. Stops are not just a last resort for your trade, they are the trade. You should be thinking about the placement of your stop as much as where you take profit. Do You Want To Make Consistent Money In Forex? Dean Saunders has created the *Ultimate* FREE forex trading system that has helped 100 s of Forex Traders become profitable. Click Here and grab your FREE copy of Dean s amazing trading system!

Global Forex Trading – The Easy Way to Make Money

Global forex trading was founded in 1997 and is today one of the world’s leading providers when it comes to forex real time trading. Global forex trading offer you the chance to deal in real time online currency trading that is making millions of forex brokers rich each day. Global forex trading serves over 100 countries, using its DealBrook FX2 software and 24 hour market access with one of the highest levels of customer service available in the forex trading industry. With Global forex trading forex brokers have access to pricing for more than 60 currency pair and excellent analytical services from renowned experts. There are up to the minute currency news bulletins and advanced forex charts available. Global forex trading boasts that they provide the only forex trading platform that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Forex Trading Advantages The forex trading market is open 24 hours a day and is today the most liquid market in the world. With forex and the available leverage strategy you can use 100 to 1 leverage which in turn reduces the need for large amounts of capital to be placed in your account. Forex trading is also commission free and trading is available on more than 60 currencies worldwide. Another advantage of forex trading is of course the fact that it is global and there are not restrictions placed on shorting which means that you can enjoy your profit opportunities no matter what the market condition. Prior to reading this information you may have assumed that forex trading was only available for large investors but thanks to Global forex trading smaller transactions are now available which allows all traders to take part giving everyone the opportunity to profit from forex trading. Don’t you think it’s time you started profiting? Our mission is to gather all Forex info on one place. Find it only on the Forex trading strategies and info website . All about forex trading on LeanderNet -

Forex Trading Software

Trading currencies is one of those few activities you can do at home or from almost anywhere and that can give you an income very few jobs will be able to provide. You can participate in forex trading thanks to the wide spread availability of the internet these days and the use of trading platforms that are easily installed in your computer, letting you enter your trades outside the pits at the market s headquarters. The basics of Forex are not really complicated and you should be able to understand them in a few studying lessons. But you are not into Forex just to learn the basics, you are into this because you want to make money and that s what will motivate you to go beyond the basic understanding and start considering a forex trading system into your trading tools arsenal. Before you enter a trade in forex you should know what may happen next after you have entered a trade, and in order you can know this you will need a collection of indicators at hand giving you what s is known as entry signal and exit signals. Also as you decide to participate in the Forex market it will be necessary that you consider with all care your investment objectives and your own trading psychology, in other words your risk appetite. A good forex trading software will give you a great rest and peace of mind when it comes to making the big everyday decisions in your trading career, thus reducing the risk sensation before you enter your trades. If you can find one, take it and get all the juice you can from it. There are a few forex software systems out there that can analyze the market conditions and give you pretty accurate indicators with entry and exit signals that if used wisely will only mean more money in your pockets. Aim for these and always remember that nothing is hundred percent accurate so trade wise and be smart. For a number of great Forex Trading Systems visit my site:

To Be or Not to Be a Psychological Currency Trader?

To Be or Not to Be a Psychological Currency Trader? Currency trading, just like other trading fields, involves the risk of loss. This risk increases because of the trader’s psychological weaknesses. Human features make the difference between the successful and always loosing investor. Here’s how to avoid making psychological mistakes while Currency trading. There have been written many books about the psychological aspect of the trading business and Currency trading is no exception, even if the risk is diminished here. History, other people’s experience and impressive statistics have proven that more people loose, while trading, than win. Economic techniques, forecasting methods and communication technology have advanced over time, yet we still see there are no changes in the statistics: more losers than winners. This is due to the fact that human nature is the same and it is the one that we should pay more attention to. The probability of becoming one of the many persons who act according to their feelings and loose the invested money soon after is very high if you do not pay attention to written facts: - Human emotions have to be controlled! - Don’t act upon fear or hope! Fear of loss leads to it and so does hoping without basing your feelings on real facts. (You could be an expert in Currency trading and it wouldn t matter if you don’t use this rule.) - Exploit other people’s human emotions by learning from them. (people who are constant in their mistakes can not gain success and earn money) - Be disciplined, make plans, follow strategies, apply mathematical and money management principles! - Run only profitable trades and try to cut losses as fast as possible! - Don’t use rumors and advice unless you are certain of their authenticity and quality! To be successful you have to think independently of the majority and stick out from the crowd. Just like in any trading field, these principles have to be followed in Currency trading also. Gaining money should be easy on the Forex Market, but not that easy because some have to win and some have to loose. Currency trading is much safer than other trading methods, but if you want to have an edge over other competitors than try to be wise and research first, study other people’s behavior and choose from them only the best. When everybody thinks alike, everybody is likely to be wrong . (Gann) Don’t forget to use Currency trading tips and information because being a great psychologist isn’t enough. You also have to know how and when to trade currencies, the latest news, the best moments to sell or buy currencies, get familiar with the appropriate terminology, banking procedures and the dos and don’ts of this type of trading. Be prepared for anything! You have to learn that investment, and therefore Currency trading too, implies risk and you may or you may not win. So the answer to the question in the title would be “Yes, to know Currency trading and be a fine psychologist beats only knowing Currency trading!” Amelie Gam is an Internet writer for Forex Trading Plus. For more information about Currency Trading visit and read about tips, news and terms or email at

Is Forex Trading By Pushing Buttons Possible

Now that many people around the world is thinking about joining the club of the forex traders, the thought of having an automatic system sending you the right signals to enter or exit the market are, I’m sure, pervasive in many of those joining the ranks of aspiring traders. In principle the concept of trading the forex by pushing buttons and having precise entry and exit signals seems a bit awkward. With a forex market having such a huge volume of transactions during most of the trading week and with the market quotes constantly oscillating it seems next to impossible to have such a simple approach to the trading of currencies. Contrary to this conception; the other day, as I surfed the web I discovered a curious system called the “lazy trading forex software”, the title naturally catches your attention but it really catch my attention when I read the statement where the author mentions that he has historically won 76% of the time with his trades. That’s not a perfect record but it’s a very impressive one for any forex trader world wide. As I read more information about this system I discovered one more thing that really excited me, as I’m sure would excite many savvy webpreneurs with some flight hours on the web, the issue was related to the fact that you can use this software with the famous Betonmarkets site. Just thinking about beating Betonmarktes makes me salivate, again if you have been around for a while and trying to make money from the internet you will know the reason of my excitement. This is the first time I find a piece of software that has the ingredients that will help you to become profitable at this great site; a place that may become a very dangerous site if you don’t know what you are doing. Can you trade the Forex Markets just by pushing buttons? Maybe you can… =>>

Getting Started in the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Market

Getting Started in the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Market I was first introduced to the FOREX (4X) market, the cash market for currencies, at a 4X Made Easy seminar. The speakers made it sound easy to profit in the market using their trading systems and software, but I was discouraged by the high cost (several thousand dollars) to get started and the recurring monthly fees to continue using their systems and software, so I began to do some research of my own. With a little bit of searching, I found resources that were of little or no cost to get started. It took a little more time and effort, but I was able to gain the knowledge and information necessary to feel comfortable investing in the FOREX market. The purpose of this article is to share with you the resources I found so you can begin investigating this lucrative financial market as soon as possible. I began my quest with an internet search using such key words as FOREX, FX market, FOREX trading systems, charts etc. This search pulled up a multitude of resources, many requiring and additional investment to access their knowledge, but many free resources were also revealed. One of my favorite sites that I frequent often is This site is mostly free giving one access to free live and delayed streaming quotes, free access to real-time charts, free education and training and links to many other sites that can help as well. They are also linked to many of the preferred trading sites that you can actually use to get your trading business started as well. Before investing real dollars into this market, I would suggest doing two things first: 1) develop a trading system and plan that will allow you to get in and out of the market with the least amount of risk or loss possible; and 2) paper-trade the market to test drive your systems before you invest real dollars into the market. Unfortunately, most of the free information regarding trading systems is basic and introductory; you will have to invest in some training and courses to get started, but you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get the information. The 4X Profit Professor is one site that is dedicated to on-going 4X education at a fraction of the price other sites are charging. Many of the trading sites will provide you with free access to a paper trading account as an incentive to register with their site. I won t make a specific recommendation here, but browse through several of the links on and find one you are comfortable with. Realistically, you should plan on paper-trading for three to six months before ever investing any real money into the market. Many people ask, Why would I want to invest in the FOREX market anyway? To conclude, I would like to share with you some of the reasons I think the FOREX market is one of the best investment opportunities around today. 1) Easy of entry into the market. You can get started for as little as three-hundred dollars, where most other markets require an opening balance of five thousand or more to get started. 2) You can big money just working a few hours a week from you computer. You don t have to wait weeks and months for the investment to grow and give you a positive return. 3) The FOREX market is highly liquid with 1.8 trillion dollars exchanging hands daily, you can get in an out of a position at a fair price and have access to the market daily, 24x7, because there are markets open around the world, which you can easily access with an internet connection from you computer. 4) Because of the liquidity of this market, you can leverage your account 100:1 allowing you to invest smaller amounts (compared to stocks 1:1; commodities 15:1) and have higher returns quicker. 5) You can paper-trade the market first, without risking any of your own money, so you can develop the trading systems and plans that will work best for you. Technical analysis works very well in this market and you can make money whether the market is moving up or down, or not moving at all. 6) Finally, once you have a proven trading system down, you can supplement or replace your income, increase your savings and retirement accounts and retire from your regular job much sooner than you ever thought possible. Take a serious look at the FOREX market. It is real. People are making a ton of money and so can you. To contact the author visit .

Forex Option Trading

There are two basic types of Forex options available to retail traders. For a broker, Forex option trading consists of the most common option, which is the call/put option. This works similarly to a stock option. The other option is a single payment option trading, also called SPOT, which allows more flexibility to traders. A broker involved in Forex option trading has traditional options that allow the right to purchase something from the option seller at a specific time and price. However, there is no obligation to purchase, just the right. For a broker, Forex option trading occurs over the counter (OTC), thus, the traders can choose the price and the date that the option is going to be valid and then they receive the quote that indicates the premium that must be paid to obtain that particular option. In the options market a trader must buy a put in conjunction with buying a call. In the options market there are two types of traditional options available to a broker in Forex option trading. One option is called American style; this option can be exercised at any time up to its expiration. The other is called European style. This option is exercised only at the time of expiration. An advantage of the traditional options is that they have lower premiums than single payment option trading. A broker in Forex option trading has more flexibility in American traditional options because they are bought and sold before expiration. However, they are more difficult to set and execute than single payment option trading. A single payment option trade works this way: the trader or broker in the Forex option trading inputs a particular scenario then gets a premium quote (option cost), and receives a payout if this particular scenario actually takes place. Single payment option trading converts your option to cash when your particular option trade has been successful thus giving you a payout for your trade. Many brokers in Forex option trading enjoy additional choices that single payment option trading gives them. In addition, these types of options are easy to trade. Simply enter the scenario and let it play it out, if you are right then cash is deposited into your account, what can be better than that! If you are not right, then the loss is simply your premium. One disadvantage of this type of option is the higher premiums. Single payment option trading premiums cost more than the standard options do. Using options can be difficult but a broker involved in a Forex trading option will use this valuable tool to increase their bottom line. Forex options are especially prominent during key economic reports or events that can cause considerable volatility. Are you interested in learning about the Forex Online Currency System? Our site provides plenty of useful information regarding Forex Trading. by T.D. Houser

Online Forex Trading Course - The Virtual Traders Class Room

Over the past couple years, Forex has become a large business to many and has grown to be the largest financial markets in the world. Reason being is mainly due to the simplicity the Internet has brought to the trading arena allowing traders to trade right from their very own homes. Due to this, a increasing number of sites have now started offering people the option to learn the forex markets. These online forex trading courses give the traders the education they need to succeed in this lucrative business. Although many of these sites do offer these courses, not all are free for the trader to participate in. Price tags can sometimes be very high to the average Joe but the most promising and respectable online forex trading courses are usually well in reach to most aspiring forex traders. When you are looking for a online course to take, there are several things you might want to look for. 1. Who is the company that is offering the course? 2. What is their objective to offer you this online course? 3. Are they just looking to offer the course to get you to sign up with their own trading service? 4. When looking at the promotion of the course, do they push their products and service noticeably so that you will end up buying something from them? When answering the questions above you can usually pick out the companies that want to actually teach you something about the forex markets or the ones that just want to sell you their goods and services. Also, it would be a smart idea before you actually take the course, if you have to pay, to check with them and see actually what they are going to teach you. Then you could check around to see if you can find this information elsewhere for free before having to pay someone for it. What they offer typically needs to be unique because a lot of information is already available on the net. Also, if you are rather new to the online forex world, take a day or two and search forex forums. Fore forums are sites where other like minded people (people with interest in forex) come together and post threads and messages with tons of information. Also, people are their to help answer any questions you might have. You may even find somebody that can give you a review on the company that you were thinking of taking the online forex trading course with. So when looking for a legitimate online forex course, look for something unique that is being offered. If you can find it elsewhere then there is no need to pay for it. The course should answer detailed questions about the forex market because this is a serious business. It is very important to get the best and right information from the beginning or you could be on a path to a blown account in no time. Education is the key. The quality of the source of your learning is very important. Understanding what a online forex trading course should teach is too. Here at we provide that quality information to get you on the right track. From forex brokers to forex systems, we give you what you need.

Forex - Getting Started

A computer with Internet access, a funded account with foreign currency exchange broker, and a trading system should be sufficient to get things started. The Crucial Key For Internet Marketers Moving Into Trading: It is crucial that you get this understanding at the very onset, if you are an Internet marketer wishing to move into Forex trading, shares or commodities trading. On the Internet, you can come across numerous games and simulations while learning the techniques involved in Forex trading. You can undertake Forex trading while sitting at home, in an Internet cafe - or on beach. Forex Trading Online: You can use the internet to do your FX currency trading, and there are plenty of software programs available that give you alerts concerning prices, market condition, whether you should buy or sell, etc. The market is open 24 hours, can be accessed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, and can be the ultimate tool for building wealth. So if you are an internet marketer, and you have a good cash flow from your internet marketing business, it is never too late to start right now to transit and also move into investing in the financial markets such as Forex, stocks and shares or futures and commodities to start creating the assets flow - to own more liquid assets to your name. But these days, thanks to the internet the market has been opened to everyone willing to learn the best techniques in trading and with the intention of making substantial profits as the institutions mentioned above that annually and consistently make pretty high profits from trading in the Foreign Exchange market. In the Forex world, order execution is all-electronic and because you ll be trading via an Internet-based platform, instantaneous execution is routine. There are also many courses on the Internet, just be careful when choosing which ones to purchase. The Forex market does not have one specific place of trade like many of the other markets do, for this reason alone is why Internet, fax, or telephone performs most of the trade. Soli Katir Learn how to have a legit online business that puts real money into your bank account.

Forex Education - If You Can t Answer This Question You Will Lose

Forex Education - If You Can t Answer This Question You Will Lose Your forex education must help you answer the question below correctly. If you can t answer the question below - then don t trade forex as you will lose. The question is: What is your trading edge ( defined)? A trading edge to clarify is something that will help you win, when 95% of traders lose and enable you to join the 5% of winners. Below we have listed some common beliefs which many forex traders hold that are NOT a trading edge and simply see traders lose. - I Follow an expert as he knows best. - I have bought a trading system from a vendor with a simulated track record. - Day trading is a great way to make money. - I use a predictive scientific theory as markets are scientific. - I Like to predict the big moves in advance. - Buy low sell high is a great way to make money. - I don t have money management rules I Just place a stop. - I have a lot of knowledge and learn more all the time to win. If you hold any of the above beliefs - you will lose. So what should your trading edge consist of? It doesn t really matter - so long as you know what it is, you have confidence that it can make you money and is based on sound logic. It s personal to you - but must be in line with the following equation. Logical Forex Method Understanding Logic = Confidence = Discipline to apply it = forex success. Lets start with - it must be logical and all the beliefs we listed above are myths and not logical. You must of course understand how your method works, not just follow a mentor or guru because - if you don t understand your method, you won t have the confidence to follow it, with discipline, and if you cant followit with discipline you no method. In the method itself, there must be an edge and it can be anything you like but you must understand how and why it goes you one. For example - my edge is hitting contrary trades at turning points. with four indicators combined I have confidence will work. Yours could be anything - but so long as you know what it is then that all that matters. Your edge is personal to you. When acquiring your forex education, understand that method is only part of the equation for success. The really successful traders know that success is as much based upon understanding, confidence and discipline, as it is on the method used - its an overall understanding your after. Today, too many traders will not get the right forex education and take short cuts. They believe they can buy success from a guru or vendor for a few hundred dollars and of course lose. Success comes from within. If you learn forex trading the right way and focus on getting the right forex education, you can get an edge and you can win. The fact is everything about successful forex trading can be specifically learned, by those willing to put in the time and effort. If you put in the time and effort, your forex education will be richly rewarded - as you will be able to enjoy currency trading success and pile up huge long term profits. NEW! FREE 2 x CRITICAL TRADER PDFS - FOR FOREX TRADING SUCCESS On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including: Free critical trader PDFS, and more FREE Forex Education visit our website at:

5 Things a Forex Course Should Teach

While many people have experienced success in Forex trading, an estimated 50% of traders lose money in the market. Nonetheless, plenty of people still jump into the Forex market, trade foolishly and lose their money, day in and day out. Until now, it s shocking to see traders keep risking their money into the Forex market without mastering techniques and studying their trading strategies. Whether you are an experienced broker or a beginner struggling to make it in the market, there are certain things you should do to manage risk and increase possibilities of making big bucks. The first and most important thing to do is to learn all the basics of Forex trading before implementing any technique. The best thing anyone could do is grab a copy of a Forex course and absorb everything it has to teach you. However, this Forex course should teach you these five essential things: • Brain food - Whether you wish to learn using video tutorials or books, through workshops, seminars or online learning, a Forex course should be your guide in building up trading skills and knowledge, straight from the professionals experiences and advices. Your chosen Forex course should include information about implementing technical charting into your trades and learning to use indicators in determining the right time to enter or exit the market. Some lessons even offer you with an online demo account as a way to brush up your Forex experience. • Trading system - It is important to choose a well-designed trading system. A good Forex course should recommend trading tools, such as automated charting and auto trading, to reduce your work dramatically and lessen the chances of emotional trading . • Forex trading plan - You should never take risks with your money. As such, an effective Forex course should give you enough information so you could determine trade objectives, profit expectations, investment assessments, when to enter and exit the market, stop-loss order execution and affordable risk. Once you still fail and lose money, review your trading plan and modify your mistakes. • Good money management - If you learn to manage your money, you are able to control risks using protective stops. You also increase your potential for profit. Make sure you are always aware of your personal expenses, trading money and savings. This way, you will always have money when you face a good investment opportunity. • Discipline - Not only should a Forex course teach you the terminologies, strategies and tips for a success in the Forex market, it should teach you how to trade Forex with discipline. Without discipline, everything you learned from the Forex course is useless because even if you had a successful trade today, greed will catch up and you will lose money eventually. A Forex course that teaches you the basics of the market, choosing effective trading systems, creating a solid trading plan, learning proper money management and trading with discipline is a must-have book, video tutorial, workshop or online session. Become a successful investor by learning how the big boys of the Forex market became how they are now. The Forex World waited with anticipation as Amin Sadak slowly released and revealed The World s Most Powerful Forex Trading Course ever to be seen by a trader. This ground breaking and highly profitable course (Forex Commander) is now available at the Forex Commander website. Thousands of traders waited for this development. If you require serious and profitable training, there are limited copies of this fantastic course remaining at

Forex Mini Trading - How To Make Big Profits Trading The News!

There are many ways to trade the Forex (Mini Trading). One profitable approach is the trade the news. News traders like to get in the market at the very open. These traders like to get the quick and short term profit. Often the question comes up, How do you consistently make this trade for profit? The first advice I give (as with all trading) is to avoid greed and fear. With that out of the way I advise the following strategy. Let others go first. Avoid being the first in the position. Unless you have a good understanding of Forex Mini Trading/economics let others tell you and confirm for you what is actually presenting itself as opportunity. If you are simply relying on the news and analysis, it s not a great idea to be the first one in the position. The problem with getting in too soon is that the market can initially react opposite of those analysts expectation at the open. Project the STOP of the short term price rally by using the near term trend (up or down) volatility. The volatility is one of the most effective indicators of finding the exit point for the short term event trader. Don t be thrown by the Mid-Way Turbulence . Even in the short term rally, it s doubtful to have a nonstop ride. As one trader put it, Many individuals have the tendency to protect the profit, thus liquidate his/her position if there is any kind of retracement. Give at least 10 to 15 percent of expected movement as cushion for your trade. More important than all these reminders is the need to build confidence in your trading. There are many ways to do this but I do not know of a better approach than getting a really reliable and effective set of trading strategies. Click on the link below to find the best FOREX trading strategies anywhere. If you are looking for a way to make consistent profits through a proven forex program then you have come to the right place: Howard Teel is an experienced Trading Manager that has been involved in the markets for many years. He has been the President of two online trading firms.

Things to Consider before You Learn Forex Trading

When you learn Forex trading through online courses, on-location classes, hands-on lessons and other sources, it should explain to you that Forex is not a risk-free business. Although many become successful traders and double their investments, all traders have experienced losses. Most traders are aware of possibilities that trades would go against them. As such, you should learn Forex trading the realistic way and understand that to minimize risks; you should take caution and use trading tools properly. To minimize losses and trade profitably, you should learn Forex one-step at a time. However, you should consider several things before you choose a course and learn Forex trading. These include scams and risks associated with trading Forex. A few years ago, Forex scams were extremely rampant. Although the Forex industry dramatically cleaned up plenty of fraudulent brokers, you still need to be cautious when signing up with a brokerage firm. Generally, reputable Forex brokers are associated with large financial institutions, such as insurance companies and banks. They should be registered with your respective government agencies. For instance, in the U.S., brokers should register with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission or become a member of the National Futures Association. After you learn Forex trading but you are still in doubt with a particular broker, then it is best to check with the Better Business Bureau and your local Consumer Protection Bureau. Even if you deal with a broker of good reputation, there are still plenty of risks to Forex trading. Each trade is subject to volatile markets, unexpected rate changes and even political events that may affect worldwide currencies. When you learn Forex trading using a quality course or attending a reputable school, you will learn different trading risks involving the exchange rate, interest rate, credit and country risks. Since each type of risks present different losses, it is important that you understand how to limit these risks and avoid them as much as possible. The key to limiting risks and avoiding scams is education. When you learn Forex trading, you develop a solid trading strategy, making you an expert in telling when it is a good time to enter or exit the market as well as determining what kinds of movements to expect. After one course, you should be able to read financial charts, study indicators and master the basics of technical analysis. As a general rule, you should never place money in the Forex market that you cannot afford to lose. If you are still uncertain of your Forex skills and knowledge, the only way to limit trading risks is through proper education. If you really want to become successful at Forex, you need to have patience, effort and time to learn Forex trading the right way. The Forex World waited with anticipation as the author slowly released and revealed The World s Most Powerful Forex Trading Course ever to be seen by a trader. This ground breaking and highly profitable course (Forex Commander) is now available at the Forex Commander website. Thousands of traders waited for this development. There are limited copies of this course remaining at

Basic Technical Analysis For Forex Trading

If you are a forex trader, you are probably aware of the monumental profit potential of trading the foreign exchange market. Trading this huge market is really like trading the global economy itself, and the huge profits come from taking advantage of something called leverage. Let s say that you noticed that the real estate market in a particular area was really booming, so you wanted to work with a bank to acquire as many properties as possible in this area. The bank told you that instead of paying for all the homes yourself, you would only need to pay 1% and the bank would pay the other 99%. Not bad, eh? This is an example of leveraging money, and your forex broker will allow to do the same thing while you are making trades. The most common leverage level is 100:1 or 1%, meaning that with $1,000 you could potentially trade up to $100,000. But all of this money is of no use if you do not know how to place profitable trades, so today we will cover the basics of a popular form of picking trade opportunities called technical analysis, as well as cover a few of the most widely used technical indicators. In technical analysis, we are only concerned with the numbers. We are concerned with only the what of the exchange rate prices and not the why. We do not care about why the currency rate is at a new high or low, but only about the steps that the price fluctuations took to get there. A good forex technical analyst can look at a chart of price history and see potential trading opportunities, as well as completely separate any emotions such as fear or greed from said trading opportunities. This ability of looking at your money without emotion can be very difficult to learn, but it is really the key to successful technical analysis and making profitable trades. The three technical indicators we will cover today are Moving Averages overlaid onto price data, the Relative Strength Index, and Moving Average Convergence/Divergence. First, let s talk about how these indicators will actually look when they are set up on the chart. The moving average itself will be on top of the candlesticks or bars that give the price data, and the MACD and RSI will be below the price data on a small separate graph. The RSI will give you a good idea of the strength of a certain trend, as well as the current overall volatility of the market. This indicator will show you the relative strength (duh!) of the market at the present moment. In setting your RSI indicator on your chart, two of the most popular periods are 14 and 21. What this whole time period business means is that the indicator will track back a certain number of bars or candlesticks from the present one (14 or 21 in this case), and the indicator will be based on that data. When the RSI is at a high value (usually above 70), this can indicate high volatility, and a good time to trade is when the RSI is climbing. Next, we will talk about moving averages, and there are two different types: one that is one top of price data, and one that is separate from price data. Both indicators, simply called a moving average (on data) or a MACD (off data), really try to tell you the same basic thing, and that is whether or not the current price action is significantly different from recent price action. If the way the prices have been moving within the last hour is much faster than how they have been moving earlier that day (if you had maybe 30-minute bars or candlesticks), this is definitely a potential trading opportunity. To identify forex trading opportunities with a regular moving average (you may want to try a period of 10-20 with this), you will see the price data cross over the moving average line and keep going in that same direction. This shows you that this move is different from the way the market has recently been moving, and can be a good chance to make some money. The MACD uses the same basic concept, but you have a short-period and a long-period moving average instead of a moving average overlaid on price data. The CD in MACD stands for convergence/divergence, and this indicator will show you short-term price action compared with long-term price action. The periods of each moving average on the MACD are generally 12 and 26, and the same basic concept applies: if short-term action is significantly different from long term action (divergence in the two averages), this can be a profitable trading opportunity. Of all the ways to make money using an internet connection, online forex trading is definitely one of the most lucrative. However, the majority of forex traders out there actually lose money instead of make it. If you want to be in the profitable minority of those who actually make money trading the forex market , go to to build your fortune in forex.

Forex Trading

Basically, this type of trading looks easy.. So easy in fact that you think (quite incorrectly) it would be a breeze to just take $100-$220 per day. It is said that the forex markets turnover well in excess of three trillion US dollars every day. However, the hard part is to know when to get in and more importantly when to get out. My trading experience has been fraught with little disasters. Disasters like entering trades that immediately take off in the wrong direction the very second that you enter. You watch this thing like you are in a trance thinking it s got to change direction soon. Then after you ve lost 30 or 40 pips you panic and think I ve picked this wrong and hit the stop button. Of course that is the signal for the trade to reverse direction. You, however, are no longer on it and the trade goes on to infinity and you could have made 200 pips. The other scenario is the classic mistake. You haven t exited the trade and you are so relieved that the direction has changed that you bale out with a smaller loss or at break-even. All this is bad planning and ill discipline. Forex trading is not for wimps and you are going to lose trades on plenty of occasions. So get used to it. The trick is to make sure that the winning trades run there course to a realistic maximum and the losing trades are stopped out according to a predefined limit. Walk away from a bad trade and just move on to the next one. Forget it and never try to adjust things or double up or any of those other gambling techniques. Take a break, even leave trading until another day. There are always other trades. The fact is most people over trade. They either get bored and go looking for trades with marginal chances of success or they feel that they need to be working away at it to justify there status as a trader. The more you trade the higher the probability that you will lose. Some of the most successful forex traders just trade a few times per month. They select their battle ground and if the circumstances are right they trade. If they are not right or marginal they wait for the next good opportunity. The fact is that there are good opportunities for forex trading many times each month. You don t have to trade every minute of every 24 hours and your body won t thank you for extended sessions of high tension in front of the computer screen either. The best advice is to find a good advisor. Check their track record and follow their trades. There are lots of methods and advisors out there. Find the one that best suits you and follow the plan without deviation. Paper trade to begin with to make sure that it is profitable and resist the urge to take diversionary side trades. Be disciplined and if possible choose a system that you can set and leave. It is so much easier and safer in the long run. Michael Jay writes articles on a range of subjects but has a special interest in mortgage finance and forex trading. You can find more articles on Forex Trading and information on a Free Forex Trading system at

Global Forex Trading: A Trading Dream

The global forex trading market never rests. No matter where you are in the world, in brightest noon of darkest night, you can go online and make engage in some global Forex trading. In this, the global Forex trading market is unique. Business hours are always in effect somewhere in the world; government and bank employees are always active somewhere in the world, and the currency markets need to be in operation to facilitate global commerce. While the currency markets are keeping global commerce from collapsing, global Forex traders take a chance that they can capitalize on the fluctuating exchange rates between the currencies of two countries. Global Forex trading is a process in which a dealer buys and sells currencies with the expectation of profiting if the exchange rates fluctuate favorably. Dealers may base their buying and selling decisions on a variety of factors, including international business dealings. They usually trade the fluctuations between more common currency pairings, like the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen, or the Euro against the US dollar. The Global Forex Trading Day The global Forex trading day begins down under, in Sydney, Australia, and moves across the time zones as the great commercial cities of the world open for business. Because the world’s political and economic climate changes on a minute-to-minute basis, Forex traders can buy or sell different currency pairs based on how they read those changes. The underlying reason for the existence of global Forex trading is to promote international investment and commerce. Global Forex trading, in fact, has supplanted stock trading as the strongest area of financial transactions; it is the most active financial market on the globe. Global Forex trading in exceeds 1.9 trillion US dollars on a daily basis, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year. The total amount of all the stock and bond transactions in the world on a single day is less that one-third of that. The thirty billion dollars which flows through the New York Stock Exchange is a mere drop in the Global Forex trading bucket. And the enormous liquidity of the global Forex trading market, when combined with the low margin requirements offered by most Forex brokers, mean that most trades are filled almost instantaneously, with very small transaction fees. Global Forex Trading Patterns Traders who are accustomed to trading stocks based on technical analysis are amazed at the easily recognizable patterns of the global currency market; almost every form of technical analysis is applicable to global Forex trading. Some currency trading patterns will continue for months or even years, depending on the amounts of pressure being applied by political and economic powers around the world. Even hedge funds and major financial institutions are capable of influencing the currency exchange rates. Global Forex trading, with its liquidity, leverage, and constant fluctuation, provides a trading vehicle unlike any other in the world. You can also find more info on Global Forex Trading and Learn Forex . is a comprehensive resource to know about e-Forex Trading System.

Forex Trend Following - Using Breakouts Huge Profits

The most lucrative form of trading is locking into and following long term trends in forex that can last for months or years. Most traders have no idea how to profit from forex trend following so we will show you how to do it in 5 simple steps. 1. Be Selective The first point to keep in mind is that the big trades don’t come around very often so you need to be patient and selective. You don’t get rewarded for trading frequently; you get rewarded for being right. You can trade less than a dozen times a year and make triple digit gains, if you pick the right trades. So don’t be tempted to get in the market for the sake of it be patient. 2. Watch Breakouts Forget buying low and selling high â€" most great trends start from new market highs and you have to be ready to buy these breaks. If you wait for a pullback you will simply miss the best trends, because when a new trend breaks out - it moves quickly. The best risk/ reward is offered on the these breaks. Most traders can’t buy breakouts, as they want to buy at a lower better price and wait for a pullback and they never get in and miss the trade. 3. Use a Simple System To trend follow and catch breakouts you don’t need a complicated system. All you need to understand are basic trend lines and the concept of support and resistance and that’s it. A simple forex trading system is best, as it’s easy to understand and easy to apply â€" if you complicate your system, it will be less robust and will have too many elements which will break in trading. All the best forex trading systems are simple and yours should be to. 4. Trade Valid Support and resistance only Keep in mind, you only want to trade breaks that are considered important by the market. This means that levels have been tested several times, in at least two time frames, preferably a few months. When these levels are broken, chances are there are stops behind the level wating to be hit and new trend followers waiting to kick in which will accelerate the price trend. 5. Confirm â€" Confirm â€" Confirm! Make sure that any breakout is confirmed by momentum oscillators â€" this will ensure you filter out false breakouts. If you are not trading with price momentum, you’re not trading the odds and you won’t win â€" period. Only take breakouts confirmed by a rise in price momentum. We don’t have time to discuss the indicators to use here - but look up: RSI, ADX and the stochastic, as a good place to start. 6. Accept Short Term volatility Breakout trading can see huge volatility after the initial breakout has occurred, don’t be tempted to move your stop to quickly WAIT. You’re trying to catch the big trends so accept that you will see counter moves eat into your profits by several thousand a day. If you want to catch the big trends and make $10, $20, $30,000 or more - accept the drawdowns in the short term and keep your eyes on the bigger prize if you dont you will be stopped out early and miss the big profit you were aiming at. So there you have it. A simple, logical system, that can and will pile up huge profits in under an hour a day. You won’t have to spend much time on this system and you won’t trade very often â€" but you will make a lot of money and that at the end of the day, is what forex trading is all about. NEW! FREE 2 x CRITICAL TRADER PDFS Grab your Free critical trader PDFS, and more FREE Forex Education visit our website at:

Basic Forex Trading - What Are Pips?

Basic Forex Trading - What Are Pips? If you are a forex trader, everything is usually about pips. For example, you might say, I am up 35 pips for the day, or, I made 127 pips on my last trade. Although this sounds like a lot of fun, it would probably be helpful to explain what a pip actually is. Pip stands for percentage in point. Sometimes, people also refer to pips as points. Basically, a pip is the smallest price unit for a currency. It is the last decimal point in every exchange rate or currency pair. For most currencies, this means a pip is 0.0001. Therefore, if you bought USD/CHF 1.2475 and sold at 1.2489, you made 14 pips. However, there are exceptions. One is USD/JPY. This currency pair only has two decimal places so that a pip is equal to 0.01. Pips are very important because they are the basis by which a profit or loss is calculated. What is a Pip Value? Even when you utilize different currency pairs and deal with fluctuating prices, the pip usually remains the same. If the USD is the base currency, you divide the pip (which is usually 0.0001) by the exchange rate. If the USD is the quote currency, the pip value is always just one pip, such as 0.0001. Therefore, if the exchange rate for USD.CHF is 1.2489, it goes like so: 0.0001 / 1.2489 = 0.0000800704 That probably seems like a small number, but remember that with forex trading, you can leverage small sums of money to move large amounts of currency. Therefore, it is entirely possible to make a profit off of such a small number. For example, if your broker lets you trade with leverage of 100:1, you only need to put up $1000 to buy a standard lot of $100,000. You can see that trading in larger lots boosts the pip value so that your profit or loss is also affected, like so: If you trade on $1000 in currency, your pip value is calculated thusly: 0.0000800704 X 1000 = $0.08 per pip. This means that you have a profit of $112.14; not bad. By the way... With forex trading, you don t invest in a single company or group of companies as you do with stocks or mutual funds, for example. Instead, you re investing in a particular national economy. You are pinning hopes on one nation s economic health versus that of another. Therefore, fundamental analysis is very important. When trading currencies you need to know about the countries economic situation. Visit - Books, Tips and Advice to find more great information about online forex trading . Besides a large selection of free educational articles you can also find powerful books about online trading in general. Other Resources: - Forex Trading Directory

Forex Trading Success - Understand This Equation and Make Big Profits

Enclosed you will find a simple equation on market movement that can lead you to forex trading success. Most traders don t understand it and that s why they lose their equity, so here is the equation for forex trading success. It s a very simple equation and we will look at it in more detail in this article for now here is the equation for forex trading success. Fundamentals instantly Discounted (Supply and Demand) Investor Psychology (view of the facts) = Price Movement. The first point to keep firmly in mind is that you won t enjoy forex trading success if you try and trade the fundamentals. Why? Because news is instantly discounted and in our world of instant communications and its available in all corners of the globe at the click of a mouse. Furthermore, the facts and news is not important it s the way the participants view them. We all have the same facts to look at but we draw our own conclusions based upon our emotions as well as our logic. The news is stories and should and cannot be traded. Will Rogers once said I only believe what I read in the papers he was joking but compare this with the huge number of people who take a story on Bloomberg or Reuters as gospel. The fact is the fundamentals are most bullish at market tops and most bearish at market bottoms. This is human psychology at work. If you want to enjoy forex trading success you need to be able to trade taking this into account. A way you should not trade! - Is to try and predict. Firstly, markets are NOT scientific because humans are not and they decide the price. There are plenty of vendors selling systems that tell you that you can predict but you can t. If markets were scientific we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market. Others traders don t use scientific methods but think they have to predict to win but another word for this is - guessing. If you guess you re hoping and the forex markets will kill you. The way to trade is to act on the reality of price and trade on confirmation. If you want to win you shouldn t just assume a support level will hold - watch it hold and trade the reality. The equation we are looking at in this article is really one that you can trade using forex charts. Forex charts simply assume that as the fundamentals are instantly discounted in price action. All you need to do is follow the price action. So with no study and trying to work out where the fundamentals may send prices, you simply just watch the reality i.e where they are and not question why. Forex charts do something more though: They show you how the participants perceive prices and they reflect the human psychology. While humans don t conform to scientific theory, human nature is constant and this shows up in repetitive price patterns. It s a fact that prices spike away to far from the fundamentals due to investor psychology and these price spikes, driven by greed and fear, are easy to spot and tradable. Trading the odds When you are trading with forex charts, you are simply aiming to trade high odds scenario s. Sure you will lose trades but if you play the odds correctly, you will win more than you lose and enjoy forex trading success. The advantage of forex charts if used correctly is: You don t guess, hope or predict you work on the assumption that the market price is always right and trade the reality. The forex chartist, doesn t care which way markets move or why, they just want to make profits when they do. The equation we have looked at here is vital for any trader to learn and digest - if you do you will see the right way to trade currencies and enjoy forex trading success. NEW! FREE 2 x CRITICAL TRADER PDFS - NEWSLETTERS - TRADING ALERTS MORE On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including: Free critical trader PDFS, and more FREE Forex Education visit our website at:

Forex Myths - Believe These 10 Common Myths and You Will Lose

The forex myths below are believed by 95% of forex traders and that s why they lose - if you want to win then avoid these forex myths. 1. You need to predict to win No you don t. If you try to predict forex movements you re really hoping and guessing and you don t get rewarded for that in forex trading. You need to act on confirmation and trade the reality of a turn not just hope. 2. Markets move to a scientific theory No they don t. This myth is perpetrated by vendors selling systems based upon Gann Fibonacci and Elliot. Of course if markets did move to a scientific law, we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market! Common sense really. 3. The More Knowledge I have the better Not true. You need the right knowledge and even that is not going to help unless you can apply your forex trading system with discipline. In forex trading you don t get rewarded for effort, you get rewarded for being right - in the execution of your trading signal. That can take 10 minutes or 10 hours but effort does not equate to success. 4. Discipline is easy If you think following a currency trading system is easy you have never traded forex - it s hard, even for experienced pros. In fact, the only way you will ever do it is - if you understand your system how and why it works and have confidence. This means not just following a system blindly - but understanding why it will lead you to currency trading success, when you hit a string of losses. 5. The more complicated my strategy the better After all 10 indicators are better than 3 - Not true. It s a proven fact that simple systems work best, as there are fewer elements to break. 6. Buy low sell high is a great way to make money If you believe that then you will miss the best trends that offer the best odds. Why? Because most major trends start and accelerate from new market lows or highs and you need to trade these breakouts. 7. Money management is easy all I do is place a stop Placing a stop is not money management! You need to see money management in terms of risk to the overall account. Money management is critical to success yet most forex traders do it as an after thought. 8. I need to earn from losses Well if you have a forex trading system, you are going to lose at some point. If the logic is soundly based you learn nothing - just take it on the chin. Once you have a trading system you re happy with you, don t need any more education you simply trade it. 9. Experts know best I will follow them Not in forex trading. We have great newswires but there just stories reflecting the greed and fear of the majority. Will Rogers once said: I only believe what I read in the papers He was joking of course - but many traders read a story and think its gospel and forget markets always rally when the news is most bearish and fall when it s most bullish. If the news helped traders a lot more would win and 95% don t they lose. 10. Day trading is a great way to make money Really? Then why do you never see a forex day trading system with real time track record? Because it doesn t work. All short term volatility is random and forex traders get wiped out. Again it s a good story and so is Harry Potter - but I don t believe I can fly! Avoid day trading which is perpetrated by vendors appealing to greed and naivety. ONE FINAL POINT! If you want to win you need to avoid the above forex myths and get a trading edge. A trading edge is something that helps you win and enter the elite 5% who make big gains and enjoy currency trading success. If you don t know what yours is don t trade and all the above myths will NOT Give you an edge - PERIOD. PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADING COURSE and FREE ESSENTIAL TRADER PDFS For free 2 x trading Pdf s with 90 of pages of essential info and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at:

Forex Currency Trading Online - 5 Steps to Avoid Tragedy

Like you, every single person that chooses to begin Forex currency trading online does so with the sincere intention of making money. 100%, including you. Nobody intends to lose money, yet the statistic of 90% losing their money is very real. This is a real tragedy, because the problem does not lie with the abilities of the people or the inherent difficulty of currency trading online. Forex currency trading online offers a very real and very achievable opportunity for those that will simply approach the matter in a sensible manner and follow the proper steps to reach their goal of consistent profits. There are several components to a trader’s development into the confident trader that produces consistent profits. Just like price gaps as in the markets though, gaps in a trader’s education will have to be filled before the end-goal is achieved. The main reason that the statistic in currency trading online exists is because those people choose to focus almost exclusively on making money right now, and not on developing themselves and their Forex currency trading online business. Thus the gaps cause them to lose their money before they’ve filled their educational and developmental gaps. Most second-wave traders have been forced to realize this, and subsequently take a more realistic and business-like approach to their currency trading online. They realize that they missed some steps and now consciously pursue them, so that they can have greater odds of success and end the vicious cycle of regular and repeated large losses that they experienced as first-wave traders. Here are the five steps to avoid the tragedy so commonly found in Forex currency trading online. Step 1. Develop a thorough understanding of currency trading online. This means what the markets are really about, what drives them, how to read a price chart, etc. The basics are essential to master. Step 2. Seek out the mistakes made by others. There are over 39 different mistakes commonly made by traders. This means that there are numerous opportunities to lose money in currency trading online. If you don’t make yourself aware of mistakes made by others, then that leaves you open to making them yourself â€" and paying the price. Step 3. Treat your trading like the business that it is. Any endeavor engaged on a regular basis for profit is a business. Even the government looks at it this way. The more structured a business is, such as your currency trading online, and the more it includes sensible formalities such as reporting, the more consistent it will become. This is the end goal of most traders â€" consistent profits â€" so treating it as a business definitely assists in achieving that goal. Problem is very few know how to go about it. There are resources available on sites such as YouTube, so seek them out. Step 4. Systemize your currency trading online, in addition to your system for placing trades. This goes hand in hand with step 3, but in more detail and from more of an operational perspective. A system is put in place to bring repeatability and predictability to an activity, and this is desirable in trading as well. Step 5. Get a handle on your emotions as they are often the undoing of even the veteran traders. It is not necessary to try to be a robot and “turn off” your emotions. Just have an understanding of how your emotions play into your decision-making process and what factors affect your currency trading online, so that they can be your ally, not your nemesis. Forex currency trading online presents a wonderful opportunity to those that will simply approach the endeavor from a business like and long term perspective. Most who enter currency trading online, do so very ignorant of what it takes and this is quite understandable, as it is something totally new to them. Education and seeking out the developmental resources to help you through these five steps will ensure that you give yourself the best chances of realizing what currency trading online has to offer. Give yourself a happy ending. Brian McAboy is a trader, Mechanical Engineer and Certified Quality Engineer. He has been featured on the Chicago Board of Trade, in PitNews magazine and in Trader Digest. For resources specifically created to help you with the five steps for avoiding tragedy in Forex currency trading online , including free videos, go to

Consistent Profits In Forex Trading Working Only 1 Hour A Week

So many forex traders look for the big score. Unfortunately they end up with the big loss. The big loss becomes another big loss, ad nauseum. It is hard to watch so many pie in the sky type traders. The most difficult part of this mentality is that it stands in the way of making real money trading. It is like the old saying, How do you chew an elephant? One bite at a time. It is the same for the world of forex trading. You can make consistent profits in trading taking little bite after little bite and that is the way to really make the consistent profits. The reality in forex trading is that not many professionals reach profit levels of 10 to 20 per cent a month. Most successful traders make 2 to 10 per cent a month. Of course, the degree of profit depends on the amount of the margin deposit. If a new trader practices discipline and avoids greed they can easily double or even triple their minimum deposit within a short period of time. Just do not forget that high profits are proportional to high risks. There are many ways to make money in the forex market. Some of these methods include: Technical analysis (e.g. relative strength indicator, moving average crossover, bollinger bands, etc ...), fundamental analysis (e.g. leading economic indicators released in different time periods, accounting stats, etc ...), chart analysis, and seasonal relationships just to name a few. The truth of the matter is that many of these methods will work and ultimately prove to be profitable is used properly but you must avoid the ugly monster known as greed. It is a forex trading killer. If you are willing to make small profits day in and day out you will be on the road to the big money. If you are looking for a way to make consistent profits through a proven forex program then you have come to the right place: Dan Nobester is a Forex addict. He has been involved in trading for a long time and has held positions of leadership on trading companies.

Marketing Through the Internet

Historically, the only way to participate was from the trading floor of one of these courses, but today, people can trade Forex from anywhere through a secure internet connection and a PC. That is why this will rank the top choice for you if you are an Internet marketer and wish to create a newer source of income-to create personal wealth within a short period of time. You can undertake Forex trading while sitting at home, in an Internet cafe - or on beach. You can easily learn all the basics of trading Forex for free by just doing a simple Internet search on the terms; Forex trading or currency trading. But these days, thanks to the internet the market has been opened to everyone willing to learn the best techniques in trading and with the intention of making substantial profits as the institutions mentioned above that annually and consistently make pretty high profits from trading in the Foreign Exchange market. Forex Trading Online: You can use the internet to do your FX currency trading, and there are plenty of software programs available that give you alerts concerning prices, market condition, whether you should buy or sell, etc. In the Forex world, order execution is all-electronic and because you ll be trading via an Internet-based platform, instantaneous execution is routine. This great interest in Forex trading is due to its great advantages over other capital markets and its high potential profitability; among these advantages we can find its extremely easy accessibility thanks to the widespread presence of internet connections, the high liquidity of the market and maybe the most important characteristic of this market, its high leverage. A computer with Internet access, a funded online account with foreign currency exchange broker, and a trading system should be sufficient to get things started. With the ease of Internet access, transaction in Forex can be done in anytime regardless on your location. If you take a peek at some of the Forex chat forums on the Internet, you will see enthusiastic newbie traders making the same mistake. Soli Katir Learn how to have a legit online business that puts real money into your bank account.